Val’s in depth knowledge of essential oils and crystals allows her to blend individual creams to suit your particular requirement – the relief was instant when I used the specialist healing cream she blended for the eczema in my ears.

BJ, SW London

I am delighted with the results of using Taylormade Remedies Arthritis Cream, natural ingredients and at last a cream that actually works.

It has made a big difference to my hands, my only regret is that that there wasn’t something like this for me to use years ago.

Christine B, London NW6

My crystal healing experience with Val was a warm, relaxing, positive one. Val is a very friendly and professional therapist, someone I felt I could trust and feel comfortable with. Her experience and expertise enabled her to assess my needs. I felt very cared for throughout. After my treatment, I felt revived and refreshed. Looking forward to further sessions and highly recommend Val and her treatments.

Anna G, Herne Hill, SE London

Val has a natural gift for healing along with a deep understanding of crystals, essences and minerals. After treatments with Val I always feel an inner peace throughout, along with renewed energy and a clearer mind. I will use Val on a regular basis to ensure natural balance within my body as I trust her healing skills implicitly.

BJ, Balham, SW London

I have had a terrible problem with hard and split skin on the heels of my feet.  I had tried a lot of different foot creams and none of them were able to help clear up the problem.  It was only when I used a cream made for me by Taylormade Remedies that the problem disappeared, it took about two weeks to clear up completely. I will now not use any other cream.  So thank you very much Val.

Gerry, Eastcote, Middx

Val is excellent. She put together an anxiety-relieving blend for me, in oil and diffuser forms. They were very helpful in reducing work-related stress and were also used to help with relief from the anxiety-related side effects of Parkinson’s. I found them uplifting and they also smelled amazing!


Sarah, London NW

I had been treating angioedema and urticaria (hot itching welts and rashes) with aloe vera gel and calamine, but they didn’t always work. Then I tried a healing cream, prepared for me personally by Val, whom I knew as an aromatherapist; it DID work.  One application and the itching and swelling gently faded away – what a relief!

Lindsay B, London, NW