Lunar Eclipses – Harbinger of Change?

Astrologers believe lunar eclipses are the harbingers of change; they are the most supercharged moments of the year.  They usher in excitement and evolution, sometimes forcing our hand on situations we have been trying our best to ignore.  During an eclipse, we are urged to look forward, whether we are ready or not.

This week Moonologist, Yasmin Boland wrote a very interesting article on the twin lunar eclipses that will take place in February which I feel compelled to share with you.

This February we have two eclipses - a full moon (lunar) eclipse this coming Saturday (11th) and a new moon (solar) eclipse on Sunday February 26th, both of which take


place in the constellation of Leo, giving us all the chance to make big changes.  Embracing the February eclipses is particularly important as there are only four in total this year, two in February and the other two are in August.

It is important to remember that change born out of an eclipse nearly always works out for the best.  If you've wandered off the right path, these astrological events will set you back on track.  This is why it is best to be honest and truthful with yourself about what is not working in your life, and to take action before the eclipse, rather than leaving it for the eclipse to force your hand. 

A lunar eclipse happens when the Moon and the Sun are on exact opposite sides of Earth.  The eclipse this Saturday is like the full moon on steroids! The full moon is the time to forgive yourself and others, release resentment, make amends, find peace and move on.  An effective approach for releasing past hurts and resentment is to write the person's name down on a piece of paper with what they did, and then burn the paper.  Doing this work at the time of the full moon will set you up for the next stage - the new moon eclipse on February 26th which is the time for setting your intentions.

To find out how the eclipses will affect your star sign, read the full article.



One thought on “Lunar Eclipses – Harbinger of Change?

  1. Thank you for sharing this Val and highlighting the importance of these lunar eclipses. I find the whole subject fascinating, such as crops being planted by the cycle of the Moon growing stronger and tastier, but I needed reminding on how important these cycles are for clearing and setting intentions. You have now set me on track to do my clearing and prepare my intentions for later in the month. With love, B-J x

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