Crystal Healing

Crystal Healing

Crystal therapy or crystal healing uses the vibrations of the crystals to balance and align the chakras and aura, and in doing so provides the client with a sense of peace and well-being. 

Each crystal has a unique life force or energy, a natural healing vibration and colour and these unique vibrations allow the body and auras to revitalise, heal and balance.  If one thinks of a crystal’s resonance as a song, or a tune, then one can imagine the crystal acting like a tuning fork, allowing the emotional, physical and spiritual to align so that the bodies work at the optimum level.

Crystal healing is a truly holistic therapy as it works on all levels of the client.  Each individual has a unique experience, though some of these effects may be experienced.

  • Relief from stress, have more focus, clarity and calmness
  • An improvement of physical conditions, have more energy, experience restful sleep
  • A release of old emotions, feel a sense of well-being, balanced
  • May have a more spiritual experience, a feeling of being more connected, a lightness of being, enhanced intuition

After a Crystal Healing session, you may experience a clearing out of emotional and /or physical blockages.  This normally passes within 48 hours, and your body will then feel energised, your mind clearer and emotions more stable.

Crystal Healing is compatible with medical treatments and with other alternative therapies.